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6 Reasons why  900 Schools and ECE Centres Across New Zealand use StaffSync

Better Communication with your Relievers

Instant communication with your relievers.  Contact multiple staff with one notice, with only the relievers that are available being notified – relievers have all the information they need for each job saved on their mobile phone, and can block days off when they are not available.

Digitise your reliever processes

Free up valuable management time  by using technology to  replace manual processes such as phone calling, texting and keeping paper records. Send automatic notifications to all involved in the process, including administration, reception and payroll functions.

Maintain 100% Compliance

The system captures and monitors key information such as teacher registration numbers, Ministry of Education numbers and expiration dates. References, work history and copies of ID, can also be captured to ensure that your relievers comply with  Vulnerable Children Regulations, and you can access this information in an audit.

Personalised Training 

StaffSync provides personalised training for your staff and your relievers. We will have you up and running and booking relievers within 2 hours and will support your relievers to download the app and master basic functions like responding to jobs and updating their availability on their calendar. 

Access New Zealand's largest pool of Relievers

Manage your own lists of preferred relievers, set up groups for easy management and quick notifications - and when they are not available access a wider pool of relievers through our Broadcast feature.  This feature allows Clusters or COL’s to work together to share relievers amongst schools in that collaborative group.

Create payroll reports for Novopay

StaffSync automates reporting on key absence information for your staff, and records the amount and types of leave being taken. StaffSync  uses this information to provides tailored reports for schools on their use of relievers, as well as creating the fortnightly SUE report for submission to Novopay.

"Posting a relief job on the StaffSync App is easy,

and can be done from home, school

or from the café via your cellphone."

Chris Mitchell, Cornerstone Christian School